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Hello, my name is Tyler Gilliland, and I am a graphic designer who loves to experiment with illustration. I discovered graphic design when my love for technical drafting faded and my passion for drawing stuck around. Logos and branding caught my eye during my early design days because of the way that they can embody an entire visual landscape of a brand. I’m quite iterative when I design, thriving off the input and feedback from others, using it as a tool to continue to improve my work. Because of this, you’ll see my project folders jam-packed with version after version. I’m excited to continue refining my design skills as I journey into the future with fond memories of the past.


Design Interests: Logos, Branding, Swiss Design, Poster Design, Apparel Design, Packaging Design


Non-Design Interests: Psychedelic Space Rock, Japanese Tuner Cars, Skateboarding, and Chicken Sammiches.