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Top DeckRestaurant Branding
Project Type: Branding
Year: 2022

The design process of Top Deck, a restaurant that draws inspiration from the iconic 1986 film Top Gun, was a truly immersive experience. I was tasked with creating a brand identity that was both bold and playful, while still staying true to the film’s original style and aesthetic.

I began by researching into the film’s visual language, exploring everything from the iconic aircraft carriers to the iconic Top Gun logo. From there, I worked to incorporate these elements into the restaurant’s branding, creating a cohesive visual language that evokes the film’s energy and excitement.

One of the key design elements of the project was the use of vintage military and aviation-inspired patches, such as ones seen on leather bomber jackets. Aviation schematic drawings created visual interest for the menus and environmental graphics. These elements were used to create an immersive environment that transports guests into the world of Top Gun.

The end result is a restaurant that captures the spirit of Top Gun while still providing a modern and engaging dining experience. The design process of Top Deck is a testament to the power of creative collaboration and the importance of staying true to a brand’s identity, even when working with an established and beloved pop culture icon.

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